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About Us

SODA is a bubbling carbonated water, as a drink, it enhances the taste of pure water by sparkling it. Just like a chemical reaction of interior design, we create artworks that mixed and matched in unique flavour with various interiors. It is not simply a decoration, but the spirit and soul of the space. Collaborate with us on your idea, make the spark with SODA!

Our Services

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Art Consultancy

We provide art consultancy service including spatial planning, artwork design, production and installation, to collaborate with different parties in interior designs. 



Planning and design of events and exhibitions, collaborate with artists in different fields. To be in charge of selecting artwork, arranging installation for an exhibition.


Artwork Production

We work with a wide range of artists and artisans in different media: paintings, murals, sculptures and various kind of multi-media and installation art.


Graphic Design

Graphic design plays an important role in your business. We provide logo design and branding service which make your brand standing out.

Selected Clients

Canvas Art Consultants, Hong Kong

VF Hong Kong Limited

Just Inn Limited Hong Kong & Taiwan


RWD Hotel Design

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